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The Difference Between Spa vs Medical Massage...

Spa Massage


During a spa massage, the therapist is focused on the client in regards to relaxation. The session is often intuitive, private and often includes luxuries that put the client at ease.

Attention to details such as music, temperature of the room, table warmers, aromatherapy and high-end linens is important to create a full experience.

Medical Massage


During a medical massage, the focus is on functional based outcomes. There is an evidence-based reason why a therapist applies one modality over another and most importantly, results must be measurable.


The client experience is considered and the therapist communicates what is happening, but the treatment is designed to increase mobility, address a specific issue and bring about change in the health and wellness of the client.

Medical massage does not mean it will hurt, but there are times that some of the techniques are not completely comfortable in order reach improvement.

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